• Cancer can create fear


  • Treatment can be hard


  • Help support the supporters


Our mission

To provide support for the supporters of those fighting breast cancer through the use of social networking, knowledge sharing, counseling and in-person events.

We are stronger together.

About us

Breast Cancer Partners is an Australian registered not-for-profit company and was founded in Perth, Western Australia by Martin Abbott who lost his wife, Leigh, to breast cancer in April 2019.

Whilst Leigh was fighting breast cancer, Martin attended the partner support group organized by Breast Cancer Care WA. that met quarterly in Cottesloe, Western Australia. The group was very useful, but does not easily scale.

Since Martin is first and foremost a technologist, he wanted to create something that allowed others to find the support they needed at times of emotional stress and so Breast Cancer Partners was born.

Breast Cancer Partners is an online community that allows the partners of those fighting breast cancer to share their experiences and seek help from those going through a similar life journey.

By supporting the supporters and understanding that we are stronger together we hope to provide not only a better environment for information and wisdom sharing, but also hope to realize that when a fighter and those fighting in their corner come together, everything benefits, whether that is family life or treatment decision making.


If you're like us, you like being informed with the latest research.

The Breast Cancer Research site has lots of free to access peer-reviewed journal articles that are easy to search and navigate.

Whether you're looking for articles on carboplatin, or want to understand research about breast cancer and the blood brain barrier, BCR is a great resource.

Breast Cancer Research Articles


We are looking for sponsors who are able to make a monthly commitment to help cover the costs of running the network and organizing local events.

If you'd be interested, please use the email link below.

For questions, please email us at info@breastcancerpartners.org